Frequently Asked Questions

How To Buy A Product?

To buy a product on HotBox Marketplace you simply search the product either using :

  • A Keyword
  • Location
  • Category

After finding the product that you are interested in then contact the person and arrange for a meeting.

NB : Make sure you always pay when you verify the authenticity of the product.

How To Sell A Product?

To sell a product on HotBox Marketplace, firstly create an account. When you do you are given 3 free adverts to post for free. The steps involved in posting your advert are:

  1. Edit your shop / store - To edit your store you simply click on My Account > Store then fill in all the necessary details that you would want the outside world to view about your digital store.
  2. Edit your account details - After you have updated your store information you would need also to update your account details.
  3. Post An Ad - To post an advert you need to have a plan. To purchase a membership plan simply click on Plans in the main menu and you will be prompted to choose between Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. The payment methods available are EcoCash, OneMoney, Telecash (these are instant) and Direct Bank Deposit (this is verfied manually). After purchasing a plan you can now go ahead and post your advert.

How To Get Item Support?

To get Item support on HotBox Marketplace simply click here

You can also send an email on [email protected] and our support agents can respond to you as soon as possible.

To promote your advert you would have to buy a promotion package, that is HotBox Marketplace Platinum or Gold that comes with promotion cards that are divided into 3:

  1. Featured
  2. Top
  3. Promoted

To place your banner advert or image advert in HotBox Marketplace simply write an email to [email protected]